FAQ FRIDAY – Unethical Practices

Q: What happens if I feel my license is in danger at a travel assignment?  Can I get out of my contract?  A:  Full disclosure-- this is incredibly rare in the world of travel therapy, but you may hear horror stories.  There have been times in the past where travelers have felt the facility were … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY – Unethical Practices

5 Ways to Boost the Recruiter-Traveler Relationship

By Louis Teal - Rehab Therapy Recruiter It is no secret that we live in a world in which building quality relationships is a necessity to succeed. The world of Travel Therapy is no different. If you ask anyone, the single most important factor to traveling as a Therapist is building a great relationship with … Continue reading 5 Ways to Boost the Recruiter-Traveler Relationship

FAQ FRIDAY – What’s the process?

Q: I'm interested in traveling.  How do I start?  What's the process?  How long does it take? First thing's first-- talk to a recruiter.  Your experience with travel therapy relies heavily on the recruiter you choose.  Take this opportunity to learn about how everything works.  Don't be afraid to "interview" a few of them.  During those … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY – What’s the process?

FAQ FRIDAY – Working with multiple companies

Q:  Should I work with multiple companies?  How do I go about it?  A:  With so many companies in the industry, it can be hard to narrow down who to work with.  Understandably, many decide to partner with a multiple travel companies to find positions.  Other companies may discourage it, but I won't go so … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY – Working with multiple companies