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FAQ Friday – What’s the process?

Q: I’m interested in traveling.  How do I start?  What’s the process?  How long does it take?

First thing’s first– talk to a recruiter.  Your experience with travel therapy relies heavily on the recruiter you choose.  Don’t be afraid to “interview” a few of them.  During those interviews, you will learn all about travel and what each company offers.  You also will communicate what you want in your travel assignment.  In my experience, travelers choose 1 or 2 of the very best.

After that, you will create a profile with the agency of choice.  That usually includes your work history, references, a skills checklist, and consent forms.

Once complete, your company will talk to you about jobs.  They will then submit you to the job(s) you like.  Typically there is one phone interview with the Director of Rehab to discuss particular job details.  After which, you will likely have a job offer.

All in all, the time it takes to find a job will vary.  That said, depending on your openness and availability, we can get you a job within a week if not less!

What other questions do you have?  Comment below!  Please share this with your friends who want to travel!

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