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FAQ Friday – Working with multiple companies

Q:  How do I go about working with multiple travel companies? 

A:  It’s totally understandable to work with a couple of travel companies to find positions.  It is your livelihood.  Other companies may discourage it, but I won’t.  Multiple resources will insure you will keep finding positions!

That said, the most important thing to do is keep in good communication.  If you are submitted to a job by Company A, make sure to tell Company B.  If you accept a job with Company A, make sure to tell Company B.  Also, make sure all companies know not to submit you with out permission.

In addition, it is a good practice to take jobs from Company A to Company B for submission.  This could certainly burn bridges.  The account managers work hard to find clients.  Now, if more than one company tells you about the same job, I suggest allowing the first company to submit you.  First come, first serve– right?

What questions do you have about travel?  Comment below or message me.

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