FAQ Friday – What makes a good traveler?

Q: What makes a good traveler?

Last night, we honored our contract employees of the year.  These travelers are the best of the best and were nominated for being extraordinary.  It was a fantastic night full of reflection and celebration.

When asked to give a few words, many of our travelers echoed one point while in the spotlight.

To be a good traveler, you must be flexible.  Bev, a Respiratory Therapist said it best.  “When people ask me about the world of traveling and what advice I have for them.  I tell them they need to be flexible.  You need to go with the flow.  You need to follow your dreams!”

“It’s not about the money so much; it’s about the friends you meet, the places you go to, and the things you see.”

Going with the flow and being flexible is ticket to doing well in travel assignments.  It is as simple as that!

Current travelers, what do you think– what makes the best travelers?  Comment below!

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