FAQ – Settings

Q:  In what settings do you see the most travel contracts?  Do I have say in what I do?

A:  Aureus Medical has positions in all settings across the country.  One of the things that we pride ourselves on is having jobs in settings other companies may not get.

That said, yes you have the final say in what setting you work.  You are the captain of the ship.  Working with a large company like us will give you access to jobs in your favorite settings.  Although, flexibility always makes it easier to find jobs.

Regarding setting availability, the majority of contracts do happen to be in skilled nursing facilities because there is a huge need.  Most companies have access to those jobs, so be careful when you work with multiple agencies not to be double submitted.

Outpatient (OP) and Home Health (HH) is where the travel physical and occupational therapy market is heading.  Aureus Medical is seeing more of these jobs every day.  Additionally, Home Health seems to be the ticket into a lot of the best cities across the country.  Inpatient Acute, Inpatient Rehabilitation, and pediatric jobs are also out there, but they are just a bit more sporadic for the most part.

Have any other questions about travel?  Comment below! 

FAQ - settings

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