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FAQ – Pay Breakdown

Q: How does pay work?  What is the breakdown?

A:  Pay packages for travel therapists are different than a normal permanent position.  A normal job would just give you either an annual salary or a hourly wage.  All of it is taxed.

Your travel pay package will include three components.

First, you have your hourly rate.  Typically, this will be lower than a normal hourly rate for a permanent employee.

Second, you will have a housing stipend.  That number will be different in every area that you travel.  It can be based on GSA as a guide and it is non-taxable.

Lastly, there is a food stipend.  This number will not change in the different areas of the country.  This is also non-taxable.

That all said, ever facility has their own budget.  So, sometimes the hourly rate will be more or less.  We will always give you a complete breakdown of the numbers when we chat about jobs.

Have any other questions about travel therapy?  Comment below!



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