FAQ Friday – Will I be lonely?

Q:  Will I be lonely as I take travel assignments?  Can someone travel with me?

A:  I would be lying if I said you would never feel lonely if you travel solo.  The reality is you are going to a new place, often not knowing anyone.  You are also away from your family for, perhaps, the first time.

But, travel healthcare is very much a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to break out of your comfort zone.

That said, you can certainly travel with someone.  Whether they are your significant other or just a fellow healthcare traveler, you are more than welcome to have someone tag along with you!  This will obviously help you adjust to life away from home and ease some of the feelings of loneliness.

Travel is certainly not for everyone.  But, don’t let the fear of loneliness stop you from making the leap into travel.  It is too much of a wonderful opportunity to pass up!

What other questions do you have about travel therapy?  Comment below!

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