FAQ Friday – What benefits will I get?

Q: What benefits will I receive as a traveler?  Are they similar to what I would get in a full time job?

A:  Yes, benefits in travel jobs are similar to what you would get in a full time job.

Every company has their own benefits package.  Below, you will find information on Aureus Medical.

  • Health insurance:  United Healthcare.
    • Begins after a 28 day eligibility period.
    • It is a PPO plan, so you have coverage everywhere in the US.
    • We pay 50% of premiums, you also pay 50 percent.
    • You have to maintain an average 30 hours per week
    • You can have coverage in between your assignments.  If you have an average of 36 hours or more on assignment, you maintain coverage for 2 weeks.
    • There are 2 plans to choose from.
  • Dental: Delta Dental
    • It is a PPO plan as well.
    • Must enroll into our health plan in order to purchase coverage
    • Premiums are paid 100% by employee (only about $8 per week for individual)
  • 401(k): Fidelity Investments
    • You may start contributing after 90 days
    • All contributions are immediately vested
    • After one year of working for us, we match up to 5% of your income as long as you contribute 6 percent.
  • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Free to employee
  • Life Insurance
    • We give you 10,000 of term life insurance
    • This is free to our employees
  • Reimbursments
    • Travel to and from your assignments
    • License reimbursement- full cost once you start working in that state
    • CEU reimbursement – $300 every year


What other questions do you have about travel therapy?  Comment below! 


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