FAQ Friday – Sick Days

Q: What happens if I am sick while on assignment?  Do I automatically have sick days in my contract to cover me?

A:  I cannot speak to the benefits of other companies.  But, I can talk about what we do.  As of now, generally, we do not have paid sick days in the contract.  California assignments are a little different though.

We do offer 40 hours of PTO starting after working with us for 1 year.  You do not have to work with us for 1 year consecutively, but in total.

So, what happens if you are sick and can’t come into work before you have you qualify for PTO?  Simply call your supervisor and account manager to let them know you have to take the day off.  Unfortunately, that day is unpaid.  But, some of the facilities may offer you the ability to make up the hours.

Have more questions about travel therapy?  Comment below!

FAQ - Sick Days


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