FAQ Friday – What is an MSP?

Q: What is an MSP?  How do they impact me as a traveler?

A:  MSP stands for Managed Services Provider.

MSPs are third parties companies that are in existence essentially to make life a little easier for hospitals and facilities during the process of hiring travelers.

Instead of a Director of Rehab or a hiring manager talking to a multitude of different travel companies, the MSP takes over as the middle man between the two.

Travel companies submit profiles to the MSP who will then ensure the candidate meets all requirements.  After that, they send the profile over to the Director of Rehab’s desk and they set up an interview.

After an offer is accepted, all compliance documents go from the travel company to the MSP as well.

The impact on travelers is relatively minimal.

Ultimately, the biggest impact is the time it takes to get through the entire hiring process from submission to getting an offer.  With an extra channel to go through, it is to be expected that process takes longer.

Because it is not allowed to have direct contact with the facilities, travel companies have less control in pay negotiations.

What other questions do you have about travel?  Comment below! 


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