FAQ Friday – The “Other” Recruiter

Q:  I just accepted a job with one recruiter.  How do I tell my other recruiter?

A:  Don’t feel bad!  Your job search is all about you.

Most recruiters in this industry know you are working with multiple companies and are not offended by it.

Of course, it would be great to be your exclusive travel company, but we know it may not always be the case.

That said, it’s not personal.  Most recruiters will wish you well and be happy to help you on the next assignment.

Mainly, the only expectation is for the traveler to simply let the other recruiter know.  It is disappointing if the recruiter tries to get back in touch and hears nothing back.

So, how do you go about it?  It depends on your relationship with that recruiter.

A phone call is always nice and professional.  Simply let them know that you took a job.  If you intend on working with them on the next assignment, tell them when you will be available again.  Schedule a time in the next month or so when you can chat about the next one.

Sending an email, Facebook message, or text message would also suffice.  Include the same information.

Ultimately, both travelers and recruiters want transparency.  Clear communication from both sides goes a long way!

How do you tell one recruiter you took a job with another?


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