FAQ Friday – Travel Interview Process

Q:  What is the interview process for a travel assignment?  Is there an in-person or over the phone interview?

A:  Typically, in order to secure an offer for a travel assignment, you will need to do at least one over-the-phone interview.  Most assignments will not have you visit the facility during the interview process.  This is contrary to full time permanent jobs, in which you typically have a phone interview (or 2) and an in person interview.

I suggest using the phone interview to get to know the situation you are stepping into.  Ask them about why the position is available, how many other staff therapists or assistants are there, what the orientation process looks like, and ask what they expect from a traveler.  Another question to ask would be what if they have a productivity requirement and what it may be.

Do not leave out any questions you have.  You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.

In addition, make sure you are showcasing your abilities and not being hung up on your shortcomings.  Explain why you are a good asset to their team.

Lastly, remember to ask for the job.  You can use a simple phrase like, “if there are no other questions, when can I start” or “what are the next steps?”

What interview tips do you have?  Share below!

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