FAQ – High paying locations

Q:  What areas around the country pay the most?

A:  There is no easy way to answer this question!  There are a few things to understand about how travel pay is determined.

First, every facility meets about their budget regularly.  During their meetings, they plan on what can be spent in different areas, including contingent workforce.  So, the hiring managers keep this in mind as they are looking for travelers.  Each one will have a different budget they can work with.

Second, housing stipends play a factor.  If you are in California, your housing stipend will be a lot higher than in places like Oklahoma.  You will naturally get more tax free money for housing in those states, so your gross pay will be higher.  That said, theoretically, if you are able to find cheaper housing in high cost of living states, you can pocket more money there.

Lastly, settings also play a role in pay.  For example, a lot of home health companies will pay more money to reimburse the miles and time you spend driving.  Skilled Nursing Facilities will also pay a little more because there are so many positions available and it is a less popular setting in which to work.

The easiest way to go about finding the highest paying jobs is to be open to most states and different settings.  Your recruiter can tell you about the highest paying jobs available and you can make decisions from there!

What other questions do you have about travel?  Comment below!


FAQ - Location

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