FAQ Friday – The Application

Q:  Why do I have to fill out an application with a travel company in order to talk about jobs?  Can’t they just send my resume?

A:  The answer of this question is two-fold.  First, one of the most important things we can do for you is make you stand out above other travelers in order to land an interview and ultimately an offer.

That is the goal behind a completed profile– to help land your dream job!

Second, jobs move very quickly.  If we don’t have a completed profile, we cannot submit you.  Some jobs are very competitive and having to delay sending your profile–even by a few minutes–can be the difference between landing the job and not.

For us, your profile consists of education information, license information, work history, a skills checklist (honest self assessment of your skills), and 2 completed supervisor references.  We can even help input your education, license information, and work history to cut down the time it takes you to fill it out!

After that, we condense it all into a very easy to read document and highlight the skills that fit each particular job.

Once you complete the profile, it stays active for 6 months before expiring.  So, it’s basically just a one time deal!

What other questions do you have about travel therapy?  comment below!

FAQ - application

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