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FAQ Friday – What is the PT License Compact?

Q: What is the physical therapy license compact? How does it affect travel thearpy?

A: Essentially, a compact is a contract between a group of two or more states creating an agreement on a particular policy or issue.  All states in the compact work together to establish rules, regulations, guidelines, and standards on said policy.

An example of a compact in healthcare is the nursing compact, which allows nurses to work in all states in the compact as long their home state license is one of those states.

Simply put, the nursing compact revolutionized travel nursing.  The physical therapy compact will do the same for travel therapy!

In 2017, the physical therapy compact legislation passed in the 10 states required to enact the compact.  It currently includes 14 states and 2 more with legislation introduced to join.  (See an interactive map here).

In order to work in the states in the compact, you must obtain a “compact privilege.”  Basically, that is an authorization to work in any other compact state.  To get the privilege, you must have a license in your home state (which has to be in the compact) and meet other requirements.  For example, you must not have any disciplinary action against your license within the past 2 years.

Currently, the plan is for the compact privilege to be effective some time in the middle of this year.

Get excited!

For more information about the PT license compact, visit this website.

Ps.  Unfortunately, there is no legislation passed for an OT or SLP compact.  If you would like to help start the initiative, contact your representatives!

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FAQ - PT Compact


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