FAQ Friday – What’s Your Story?

Q:  What is your story?  Why do you like recruiting?

A:  Travelers ask this question often and I love to answer it.

I have been recruiting for nearly 5 years and absolutely love it.

Honestly, I fell into this career after a couple of years in insurance sales. I am definitely blessed to be a part of such an amazing travel company that invested so much time to develop me.  I get up every morning knowing I am going to have a great day.

That said, I love what I do for a variety of reasons.

I have learned a lot about medical professionals I may not have  otherwise known about.  Truth be told, I had known very little about Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists prior to joining this profession.  I never knew their duties and what they contribute–as a team–to the overall health of a human life.  My eyes are now opened to the amazing impact that therapy professionals have on people.

I make connections that last for years.  Travelers that I speak with are not just voices on the phone to me.  I have legitimately made friends during the process of finding quality jobs.  I love sharing things about my life and hearing about each individual’s story.

I help change the lives of therapists and patients on a daily basis.  I can confidently walk out of this building each day knowing that I positively impacted someone’s life.  I am so pleased to be a part of the process finding a full time or travel position for talented professionals!  It is also an honor to, by extension, provide patients with the very best care by providing the best healthcare workers!

Why did you get into healthcare?  Share your story below!


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