4 Reasons Aureus Medical Can Find You A Full Time Job

What do you think of when you hear the name Aureus Medical?

Most people would say they think of an industry leading travel healthcare company, and they would certainly be right. But, there is another service we provide.

One of the main reasons a hospital, clinic, or skilled nursing facility opens a travel contract position is because they are looking for a full time employee.

Did you know that Aureus Medical can also help you find full-time positions? 

For one reason or another, the facility may be having a tough time filling that position. Even though the facility may be in a great location, it’s not always easy to find a new employee because unemployment rates are so low these days.

The next best thing is to get some sort of coverage for the time being to avoid losing patients and, ultimately, business.

With that being said, our job is to help facilities come up with the best staffing solutions possible.  If we have a candidate that could be a good match, we will talk about it!

In addition to that, there a few more reasons to partner with us:

We have a large network.  Being a top national staffing company, we have a huge pool of facilities we help across the country.

You will only have to apply ONCE with us.  We will gather information from your work history, education, skills assessment, and professional references to build a profile.  It will have our “stamp of approval” on it prior to submitting you to positions.  Plus, you will only have to do ONE application even if we submit you to 100 jobs!daria-shevtsova-411553-unsplash

We alleviate stress in the job search. Life is busy. If you are currently working a full time job, you generally don’t have time to apply for a new opportunity. We do the legwork for you. Our role is to help bring you options based on your preferences.

We bring creative solutions to your job search. When you are looking for a full time job, the focus becomes on the best possible fit for you in terms of location as well as a facility. We get to know what you like to do outside of work (i.e. hiking) and what you value in a facility. We will suggest great opportunities that you may have never even considered. It could end up being the best match ever!.

rawpixel-com-351765-unsplash (1)

Are you ready to make a change?  Send me a message today!

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