FAQ FRIDAY – How Soon Should I Talk to Recruiters?

Q:  How far in advanced of my start date should I talk to a recruiter about travel healthcare?

A:  It’s never too early to start the conversation and lay the foundation for your job search.  Starting early can give you plenty of time to evaluate multiple companies to see which one(s) you want to deal with.

Prior to that, consider if travel healthcare is right for you by asking yourself a few questions.  Can you handle being away from family and friends for long periods of time?  Are you outgoing by nature?  Are you willing to be flexible in terms of settings and location?  Finally, why do you really want to travel?

Once you determine that you would like to take the leap of faith, get connected with a great recruiter.

While chatting, you will cover your experience and preferences.  In addition, this is your time to ask questions about industry trends regarding what locations and settings are mostly available.  Make sure to talk with a strong company with connections in all locations!  It’s also a great time to chat about the company benefits, how their tax free stipends work, and any other information you may be curious about.

At that point, you can also start the application process and get that out of the way.  One of the biggest delays in the submission process is finishing the profile.  If you are only a few months away from your desired start date, you could also send in compliance documents like your CPR card, diploma, state licenses, immunization records, and other medical records.

That said, for the most part positions are given to us about 4-6 weeks in advance of the facilities desired start date.  So, you may not be able to be actively submitted or interview until that point.

What questions do you have about travel healthcare?  Comment below!


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