FAQ FRIDAY – Pay Raises

Q: Will I get a pay increase for every new assignment or extension I take?

A: It is our #1 goal to make our travelers happy. That includes paying our travelers what they deserve. We do that by making sure to establish a good bill rate with facilities prior to submitting any candidates or sending travelers to work there.

That said there is no guarantee that your pay will steadily increase over time as you continue traveling. Ultimately your pay package will always be 100% based on the facility’s budget. They have the ultimate decision on what they can afford to pay travelers for their services.

The same applies if you decide to extend your assignment. Travel companies can always ask the facility for more money, but the facility has the power to decide.

So, what can you do to facilitate a potential pay increase in your next assignment or when you sign an extension?

Have a bottom dollar in mind. Obviously, be fair in your pay expectations based on the market. When you get the offer, simply decide if the offer you are getting meets those standards.  Do not be afraid to be firm if it does not and ask for what you need.  Most account managers will be willing to ask their facilities for more money.

Regarding extensions, you will want to set yourself up for success by doing truly excellent work while on assignment. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Pick up additional responsibilities. Don’t come in late. Don’t bolt immediately when your shift ends. Make them adore you. Make it really hard to say no when we ask the facility for a pay raise!

Lastly, remember that you can always narrow your search to simply look for the absolute highest paying positions. We always ask what is most important to you—setting, location, or pay. If you tell us pay is your top priority, we will focus on that and present you with any feasible options. But, you must be open to any location and open to close to any setting.

What other questions do you have about travel healthcare? Comment below!


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