FAQ FRIDAY – Shopping Offers?

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Q:  Can I tell a company about a job offer that I already have from another company in order to “shop” for a better offer?

A:  The travel healthcare staffing industry is a very competitive space.  With that, there comes some interesting tactics to earn business.

For example, some companies ask travelers to solicit jobs from other companies to get more job opportunities.  They generally say they will pay the travelers more money.

Ultimately, it is 100% the traveler’s decision to participate in these tactics or not.

With that being said, this practice can be risky for travelers for a couple of reasons.

For one, if you do this, you could very well burn bridges between you and the staffing firm from which the job was solicited.  That could systematically take away hundreds of unique jobs that the staffing firm has.

Secondly, if the original firm has a good relationship with the facility, the hospital/facility will surely tell the original firm that you are trying to accept the job through another staffing company.

Not only will they tell the original firm about it, but they will often decline you and be very wary of hiring you for future assignments.  That could prove to be detrimental if they are a part of a large network of facilities/hospitals across the country.

Another piece to consider is how your recruiter would feel.  A lot of recruiters personally invest in the relationships they have with their candidates.  It can hurt to hear news that they were betrayed.  Most of them work really hard to find jobs for their candidates and it is frustrating if someone else enjoys the fruit of that labor.  Consider how it would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

In an industry trying to repair trust on both sides, it goes a long way to approach traveling with integrity. These situations can be avoided. One suggestion would be to simply tell companies you work with not to submit you to any jobs without permission. Another would be to avoid companies or recruiters that even suggest taking jobs from any other company.

What questions do you have about travel healthcare?  Comment below!


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