FAQ Friday – Pets


Q: Can I travel with my pets? How does housing work with pets?

A: Yes, you can travel with pets! Who can leave their fur babies behind for a whole 13 weeks?

There are only a few scenarios in which you cannot bring them along. If you are going to Hawaii, there is a certain amount of time your pet needs to be quarantined!  Alaska requires an updated rabies vaccination and pet health certificate in order to avoid the quarantine.

That said, generally your travel company can help you find housing that will allow you to have pets. You can also find plenty of apartments that will be willing to help you. It’s generally easy to find housing with a cat or small dogs. That said, it can prove to be difficult to find housing with dogs of certain breeds and weight.

Another can be buying a RV or van. Some travelers have opted to do this if they are traveling with another person that can stay with the pet all day. This will give you freedom to stay where you want and be able to let your dog get exercise in various parks.

Have more questions? Comment below!

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