FAQ FRIDAY – Offer Deadlines?

Q: Is there a deadline to accept or decline and travel assignment offer?

A:  It is important to consider all things before making important decisions, especially when it involves a move to a brand new location for 3 months.  The last thing we want is for anyone to feel pressured while making a decision.

But, to answer this question, we have to look at it from the facility’s perspective.

The reason for a travel position being available is because they need to resolve a shortage of healthcare workers for that period of time.  That shortage can be because of maternity leaves, medical leaves, a rise in census, and other such reasons.  So, usually they need someone to fill the shortage as soon as possible so they can work out schedules and have peace of mind.

When talking to the facilities about the jobs they have, we ask them how urgently they need someone.  It varies.  Some facilities will need someone to start yesterday.  Others are asking to fill a position to start 3 months down the road.  So, some can wait for an answer a little longer than others.

Another piece to consider is credentialing.  If you have an offer for a job that needs someone to start as soon as possible, we need to start working on your compliance immediately to get you out there right away.

Finally, the facilities cannot interview any additional candidates unless the job is officially declined.  We don’t want them to hang on to the edge of their seats for days or weeks not being able to interview other candidates for the job.

All things considered, we usually ask to for an answer within 24-48 hours.  It can be tough to say no to your recruiter, but remember that travelers and recruiters both want honesty.  It works both ways!  It’s best to be honest and let them know if you will be accepting or not.

What questions do you have about travel therapy?  Comment below!

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