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FAQ FRIDAY – Housing Options

Q:  How does housing for travel assignments work?  What are my options?

A:  Travel healthcare is unique.  Because you are working in a location separate from your tax home, you are able to receive tax free housing and food stipends.  It is designed to help offset the cost to live in another location outside of your tax home.

That said you have 2 options to utilize for your housing stipend when you take a travel assignment.

One option is to simply receive that tax free money in your weekly paycheck and find your own housing.  In this case, you will have to find the housing, negotiate lease terms, pay any applicable deposits, and your name will be on the lease.  Also, if for whatever reason your assignment ends early, you will be responsible for paying any unpaid rent.  The benefit to this plan would be the possibility of you finding housing that costs less than what receive for your housing stipend.

Generally, many people will ask what sources to use in order to find housing.  Many people have had success on websites like Air BNB, Craigslist, Furnished Finders, Trulia rentals, and groups on Facebook.

The other option is to have your travel company find housing for you.  Aureus Medical utilizes its own sister company, AurHomes, to find housing for our travelers.  AurHomes has been around for over 17 years and have solid housing connections in areas across the country.  They specifically partner with apartment complexes, extended stay hotels, and other housing accommodations.  Typically they are close to the facility, in a safe area, and are fully furnished for your convenience!

It’s also worth noting that we take care of the lease negotiation, pay your security deposit, pay the rent monthly for you, and our company name is on the lease.

If you choose to take company housing, the housing stipend will be applied to the accommodations we find you.  It will not be directly paid into your paycheck weekly.  So, it will alter what your weekly take home pay will be.

What housing option have you used in the past?  Comment below!

FAQ - Housing

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