FAQ FRIDAY – Obligated to Accept?

A: Many travelers have expressed feeling pressured to accept an offer simply because they interviewed with a facility. Most of these situations occur when a traveler didn’t have all the details of the job prior to being submitted and simply interviewed to get those details.

Yes, it is true that some of their time may have been wasted on an interview that didn’t end up in a placement. But, at the end of the day, it’s very unnecessary to try to fit a square peg in a circle whole, right?

As an industry leading travel company, we are committed to giving candidates all of the detail they would need to gauge interest prior to submitting. Admittedly, that isn’t always possible. For one, there are things we just may not think of when asking about the job. It is also hard to get a ton of information with “vendor” jobs in which we don’t have direct contact with hiring managers. In those cases, we encourage using the interview to find out all the other details to see if that job is a good fit. The last thing we would want is for someone to accept a position and it ends up being a nightmare. We want to match great people with great facilities.

In the event that you don’t like what you hear in the interview, you can certainly decline the offer. It’s your decision. If that does happen, provide feedback. Let us know why you want to decline, so we can apply that to your job search going forward.

That said, we ask of a candidate to accept or decline an offer within 24-48 hours so we can advise the facility of the next steps. It makes the travel company look bad if it takes days to get an answer.

What questions do you have about travel healthcare? Comment below!

FAQ - obligation

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