FAQ FRIDAY- Will I Stay with One Recruiter?

Q:  Do I work with one recruiter or multiple recruiters when I work with a travel company?

A:  Every company has a different way of structuring their recruiters and account managers.

There are some companies that decide to have an account manager for every state.  That person would take care of you when you work in there state.  But, if you want another state, you would work with a completely different account manager/recruiter.  This would essentially give you a different point of contact for every assignment.  It wouldn’t necessarily be ideal to build a relationship with your recruiter.

We don’t agree with that type of structure here at Triage.

When you work with us, you will have one recruiter the entire time.  Regardless of the state you want, your recruiter will work hard to solidify a job for you.   They are also the one that will process your payroll, help you enroll in benefits, and help you get credentialed at the facility!  Basically, they are your personal HR person!

In addition to the recruiters, there are also client managers.  There role is to find jobs and service the facilities with anything they may need.

We prefer this method for clients and candidates because we are able get to know you.  Not only do we get to know your preferences, but we personally get to know who you are as a person.  You are not just a number to us.  We are invested in you and are here to cheer you on during your travel career.  That type of relationship simply fosters success!

What questions do you have about travel therapy?  Comment below!

FAQ FRIDAY - recruiter 2

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