FAQ FRIDAY- Traveler Expectations

Q:  What does a facility expect from a traveler when they accept an assignment?

A:  There are certain qualities that every facility  needs travelers to exhibit while on assignment.  They hire travelers at a premium because they need help covering patients immediately.  As they interview candidates, they have the following characteristics in mind while making a hiring decision.

Willingness to help.  This is key in the travel world.  You must remember that these facilities are very much in need of someone who is helpful.  You must try to provide that help in anyway possible.  Patients are depending on you.

Confidence.  In short, facilities are looking for a confident therapist.  They want someone to come into the facility that requires very little orientation and that can make treatment decisions confidently without error.  Many of these facilities are too short staffed to spend time guiding a therapist every step of the way in treatment.

Organization.  It is very important for a healthcare professional to have organizational skills on the job.  Proven ability to prioritize tasks and manage time is key, especially in home health where a therapist is scheduling their own patients.  It’s also very important when there are productivity standards involved.

Communication.  It goes without saying that communication, both verbally and written, is so important in healthcare in general.  It can prove to be even more vital in travel healthcare, where you may be picking up patients that may have been working with another traveler prior to you.  Documentation is huge to continue a great standard of care!

What other characteristics serve you well as a traveler?  Comment below! 

FAQ Friday - Characteristics

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