RE-BLOG: Why I Passed up a Promotion and Substantial Raise to Start Traveling

This is a great inside look at why Eric and his wife decided that travel therapy was too good of an option to pass up!


Click the link to read their full story!



On a morning just like any other, the owner of the clinic where I worked brought me into the office and had me sit down then unexpectedly offered me a promotion. I didn’t expect him to offer me a promotion and certainly didn’t expect a substantial raise of 10K effective immediately. You’re probably thinking, uh, no brainer, take it. Well there were many factors leading to my hesitation to accept, but at the center was my desire and preparation to begin travel physical therapy in the coming months. About a year and a half later, I haven’t looked back and thought “what if?” once.

Many people face the question of when to begin traveling. Some advocate traveling as a new grad while others suggest gaining experience first. Each of these have their benefits and drawbacks as I’m sure you’ve been reading in a travel group on Facebook or in a…

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