FAQ FRIDAY- Travel Teams

Q:  Can I travel with a friend or my significant other that is a healthcare worker?  Do we have to work in the same specialty to make traveling work?

A:  Yes, you can travel with a friend or significant other in a healthcare profession!  We in the industry refer to this as a “travel pair” or “travel team!”

A travel team does not have to be in the same specialty.  For example, a Physical Therapist can travel with an Occupational Therapist; an OT can travel with a Nurse; a Speech Language Pathologist can travel with a PT and so on.

That said, there are certain types of teams that are generally easier to help.  Personally, I have found that PT pairs generally have the highest possibility of finding jobs together.  But, again, it’s very possible to help other combinations.

When traveling together, there are some important things to keep in mind.

First, it’s a good idea to be as flexible as possible.  Being licensed and open to a few different states will dramatically increase the likelihood of finding 2 positions in the same location.  Also, being open to commuting an hour in opposite directions will also help you.  It’s also best to consider being open to different settings or shifts as needed.

Second, you may want to consider finding a job for one of you first.  Afterward, your recruiter will make calls to facilities in that location to find the second job.  It’s worth noting that we will not place you in a location in which we aren’t confident finding a second job!

Third, be as accessible to us as possible.  As much as it’s important to move quickly to get you submitted for one job, it’s even more essential when looking for multiple positions.  You want to give yourself as much opportunity to secure those options as possible.

What questions do you have about travel teams or travel therapy?  Comment below!

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