Hi!  I’m Louis.  Some folks call me Lou!  I believe you are here for a reason!  It’s simply meant to be! 😇


I work for Aureus Medical, a leader in healthcare staffing, and have been helping therapists find amazing jobs for nearly 5 years!  With 35 years of industry experience, Aureus Medical has become one of the Top 5 largest healthcare companies in the nation.  There are no shortage of jobs here.

I am currently a social media recruitment team lead for Aureus.  You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIN, and Instagram pretty much 24/7!


I am married with 2 kiddos.  I love God.  I am an aspiring runner with the goal of running a marathon by age 30.  I can play bass guitar and acoustic guitar.  I love mountains, oceans, and all things travel.  Although, I have only been to about 13 states (including airports) lol.

Let’s connect!  Feel free to friend me on Facebookcall me, or email me.