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FAQ Friday

Every Friday I answer frequently asked questions about travel therapy.  Click the pictures to read more in depth answers!  

Have any travel questions you want me to answer?  Comment below or head to the “drop me a line” page to send your question today!

FAQ - cancel
FAQ- Contract Cancellation
FAQ - set aprt
What Sets Your Company Apart?
FAQ Friday - Characteristics
What is Expected From a Traveler?
FAQ Friday - benefits
What Benefits Will I get?
FAQ FRIDAY - recruiter 2
Will I Have One Recruiter?
FAQ - PT compact
Physical Therapy License Compact
FAQ - Packing header
What You Should Pack
FAQ - obligated to accept
Obligated to accept?
FAQ - offer deadline
Offer Deadlines
FAQ - Pros header
Travel Pros and Cons
FAQ - Early Boards header
Taking Boards Early?
FAQ - Pay raise header
Travel Pay Raises
FAQ - How soon
How Soon Should I talk to a Recruiter?
FAQ - Interview Q header
Interview Questions
FAQ - Withholding header
Travel Tax Withholding
FAQ - How do I know_
Is Travel Healthcare Right for Me?
FAQ - Sick Days (1)
Sick Days / PTO
FAQ - Tax header
How Does The New Tax Law Affect Me?
FAQ - Reason
Why Hire Travelers?
FAQ - Bill Rate Header
Bill Rate
FAQ - exclusive header (1)
Exclusive Jobs?
FAQ - verbal header
Verbal Acceptance
FAQ - family header
Traveling with a Family
FAQ Friday - great traveler header
What Makes a Good Traveler?
FAQ- unethical header
Unethical Facilities?
FAQ - process header
What is The Process?