FAQ Friday – How to Establish a Tax Home

Q: How do I establish and keep a “tax home?” A: Full disclosure, I am not a tax professional.  However, I have worked in the industry for 5 years and this information comes straight from a tax professional in addition to my accounting department. It’s important to realize why travelers receive tax free benefits.  The … Continue reading FAQ Friday – How to Establish a Tax Home

FAQ FRIDAY – Should I Have a Plan B?

Q:  Should I have a "Plan B" when it comes to my preferences?  A:  Yes, it is definitely a great idea to develop a "Plan B" when coming up with your travel therapy plans. This is especially important if you are a recent graduate.   It is no secret that there are some areas of the … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY – Should I Have a Plan B?

FAQ FRIDAY – Contract Cancellation

Q: What happens if my contract gets cancelled? A: Albeit a very rare occasion, contracts being cancelled is something that can happen in travel healthcare. We try to avoid it as much as possible by working with facilities that we know, trust, and with which we have direct communication! Many of these types of contracts generally will … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY – Contract Cancellation