FAQ Friday – Packing

Q:  What do most travelers pack when heading out on assignment? A:  Everyone is different.  Priorities are always going to be different between people.  Some of us cannot live without their Amazon Firestick and others just could not live without their favorite books.  To each there own. That being said, there definitely are essentials to … Continue reading FAQ Friday – Packing

FAQ FRIDAY – Obligated to Accept?

A: Many travelers have expressed feeling pressured to accept an offer simply because they interviewed with a facility. Most of these situations occur when a traveler didn’t have all the details of the job prior to being submitted and simply interviewed to get those details. Yes, it is true that some of their time may have been … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY – Obligated to Accept?

FAQ FRIDAY – Offer Deadlines?

Q: Is there a deadline to accept or decline and travel assignment offer? A:  It is important to consider all things before making important decisions, especially when it involves a move to a brand new location for 3 months.  The last thing we want is for anyone to feel pressured while making a decision. But, … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY – Offer Deadlines?

FAQ FRIDAY- Pros and Cons of Travel Healthcare

Q:  What are the pros and cons of travel therapy? A:  There are definitely pros and cons to every decision that you make in life.  Career choices can impact your life for the good and bad. It’s important to understand that everyone’s situation is different from one another.  So, some pros I list will be … Continue reading FAQ FRIDAY- Pros and Cons of Travel Healthcare

FAQ Friday – Pets

  Q: Can I travel with my pets? How does housing work with pets? A: Yes, you can travel with pets! Who can leave their fur babies behind for a whole 13 weeks? There are only a few scenarios in which you cannot bring them along. If you are going to Hawaii, there is a certain amount of time … Continue reading FAQ Friday – Pets