Travel Therapy Bloggers

I have created this website to present as much unbiased travel therapy information as possible.  But, at the end of the day, I have not lived a day in the shoes of a travel therapist.  There are experiences they have had with travel companies and at their facilities that I haven’t.  Plus, I do work for the best travel company in the game and mostly know about how we do things!

That said, I have created this page to share their stories!  Click their links to read their blogs!

If you are interested in being featured, please send me a message today.

Remember, these pages are not necessarily affiliated with me or Triage.  Blogs posted may not reflect the thoughts, views, or opinions of Triage.

Laura Latimer: Nomadicare

Laura does an amazing job of educating therapists in the world of travel therapy.  Her website features anything you could ever want to know about travel therapy.  She also does a wonderful job matching you with honest recruiters in the field.  Check her out!

Dylan Callier: The New Medical Nomads Podcast

Dylan Callier is a current travel physical therapist and founder of the New Medical Nomads Podcast.  His podcast dives deep into different topics regarding the travel healthcare world with other travel healthcare professionals.  If you are looking for a new podcast, this should make your playlist!

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Julia Kuhn: The Traveling Traveler

Julia Kuhn is a seasoned traveler who has an amazing story behind her decision to become a healthcare professional.  She is passionate about providing resources, inspiration, and community for healthcare travelers.  Because of that she created an awesome blog full of her own self expression and travel information.

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Phil and Kelsey Schaub: Minimum Living Maximum Results

I have known Phil and Kelsey since they graduated and helped them jump start their travel careers.  Though they are not currently traveling with my company, I still highly regard them and stay in touch with these awesome people!  There blog has a focus on minimalist living, but has a lot of great travel therapy information!

Gabe and Jess Renzi: Wanderlust PTs

Gabe and Jess faced their fears and started traveling right after graduation.  They flourished in their careers and learned so much.  It’s their goal to pass along every bit of information they learned to you.  Their website is chalk full of information.  Go check it out.

Emma Shapiro: The Debt Free PT

Emma and I have never formally worked with each other, but I have followed her blog for quite some time.  She is very insightful in the world of fiances.  Follow her blog here and learn her awesome debt free ways!


Eric and Megan Michaluk: RV Travel PT’s

Eric and Megan recently jumped into the world of travel after work perm jobs for a while.  They currently travel with their pups in an RV.  They are a great resource for traveling in an RV.  Check them out here.